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Hoop and Gate pictures/build instructions

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Sharon Nelson:

--- Quote from: Linda W. Anderson on October 27, 2016, 06:45:21 PM ---Is it still permissible to use 3 gates per side and 2 gates for the wings or must a club use the 4 gates per side and 3 for the wings?

--- End quote ---

If all you have is enough for 3 and 2, then use those.  If you can use 4 and 3 that is better.  Be sure to let the judge know if you are using 3 and 2 so the yardage can be adjusted.  Now that X-Hoopers is a normal NADAC class, the yardage needs to be adjusted for the shorter yardages when there are 3 in the circle and 2 on the wings so the run index is correct.


Linda W. Anderson:
Thanks!  We will try to get the additional gates to build the bigger circle.

Peter Vogel:
This is very helpful Chris - I guess this weekend I will be building some new gates!

    I have some older PVC supports that I used with Hula Hoops.  Some of my supports are 1/2 inch PVC and some are 3/4 inch PVC.   I want to convert them to tubing rather than PVC.  What kind and dimension of tubing do I need to buy for the tubing?  Thanks, Norma Gaddy

The 3/4" pvc takes 1/2" PEX (more flexible for water delivery).  Depends on your video camera whether you will prefer 3/4" pvc or 1" pvc.  I find with the 3/4" pvc and 1 fixed camera, I do not have enough pixels to tell if all hoops are in the field of view.  Sometimes I have run out to the final hoop with an open umbrella to make sure I have it in field of view (have missed it on occasion).


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