Author Topic: Great Fun at Laughing Dog Agility Trail in Autaugaville, AL  (Read 836 times)

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Great Fun at Laughing Dog Agility Trail in Autaugaville, AL
« on: October 25, 2016, 11:32:52 AM »
A huge thank you to all the people who came to have great fun this past weekend at the Laughing Dog Agility Trail in Autaugaville, AL!!!!!  It was a small trial, however, this made for a very casual atmosphere and allowed people to meet some new people and share time with some old friends.  Everyone pitched in to help with any job that was needed.  If we needed someone, all we had to do was call out for help and several people would jump up and volunteer. 

Jim Nally was our judge and he was awesome!!!!  We had several people new to NADAC and new to LDA.  Jim worked with them and was always available to answer their questions.  Many of the exhibitors came to me to let me know how comfortable Jim made them feel in a new environment.  The courses were challenging and fun as the many smiling faces and happy dogs proved.  We ran X-Hoopers for the first time ever.  OMG!!!!  What a blast!!!  Since only about 4 people had even seen a hoop circle before, there was much moaning and groaning about not being able to run this course.  After giving it a try, every single person came off the course with a smile on their face and a happy dog by their side.  Even if they did not qualify, the people found out just how much fun X-Hoopers is and they are all looking forward to seeing it at a trial again soon.  We love the Circle of Fun!!!! 

There were many success stories during the trial.  Success stories don't always involve a qualifying run.  Some are just that a particularly difficult part of the course was handled well or that the handler sees some improvement in the performance of the dog.  These moments can't be recognized with ribbons, but will remain in the memory of the handler for a long time.  Below is a list of the titles that were earned during the trial.  Congratulations to the dog and handler teams who have excelled at this great sport!!!!

SUSAN BARMBY & PIPER - Sheltie - Outstanding Open Jumpers Title;  Superior Open Tunnelers Title
SUSAN BARMBY & KEEGAN - Sheltie - Novice Jumpers Certificate
COLLEEN FLAM & ROSE - Border Collie - Open Barrelers Certificate; Novice Chances Certificate
COLLEEN FLAM & RAIN - Border Collie - Elite Jumpers 300
KRISTY GUNTHER & FAITH - Border Collie - Novice Jumpers Certificate; Novice Touch n Go Certificate
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