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GotDog? Turkey Trial
« on: November 29, 2016, 09:41:56 AM »
Thank you all for coming to celebrate and be Thankful this past weekend.  I am thankful mostly for all of you that come support the GotDog? Trials.  There seems to be an endless amount of trials in Montana and more being added so I appreciate those of you that come to the awesome Circle L arena and play.

We had an amazing group of folks that jumped in whenever we needed workers (even tho you all really just wanted some of that "stuff" Trish Blakeley made) LOL  The food was once again out of this world.... the turkey dinner was to die for!!

Thanks to Judge Craig Coonrad for always bringing a smile and good humor to a trial.

3 incredible teams reached NATCHes:
Sam Lietz and Schatzi V- NATCH #17
Carol Scranton and Brady Blue NATCH #13
Jodi Dillard and Brady NATCH #1
Awesome job ladies!!!

GotDog? Awards Montanas original Trial Stars and here they are:
Intro - Bling Lietz
Intro V - Harley Davis
Novice - Banjo Norman
Open - Tohrment Olsen
Open V - Karis Kennedy
Elite - Chili Biggers
Elite V - Schatzi Lietz

We also awarded our GotDog? SUPER STAR AND STAR awards:

Durango Young and Flurry Randal - SUPER STARS
Banjo Norman and Saige Biggers - STARS

Many many brags as follows:
Edge O REG Intro
Nyx had her debut
Roxy E Reg and E TNG
Brady E Weavers
Laddie 1st TNG Q
Granite S TNG Intro
Ivan N Weavers
Ginger N Reg
Shasta 1st Q
Manda S Hoopers Open and Open All Around
Granite O Reg Intro
Blink O TNG Open
Ripley O Elite TNG

We also started a new tradition called:
Smartass Sunday - really just more sarcasm than usual :)

A huge thanks to those that helped set up and tear down... you know who you are and I hope you know how special each and everyone of you are to me :)

See everyone in 2017!!
Jeannie Biggers
GotDog? LLC