Author Topic: We love our Circle of Friends exhibitors!  (Read 1156 times)


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We love our Circle of Friends exhibitors!
« on: December 06, 2016, 06:52:44 AM »
Thank you to our exhibitors for coming to our trial! We had a wonderful weekend of NADAC agility in Conyers GA. Our fantastic judge, Bernie Doyle, brought fun courses with interesting challenges. Once again, the conscientious staff at the horse park knocked themselves out for our comfort and the running surface was perfect. We awarded FIVE (!) NATCH or V-NATCH bars during our trial, so the celebrations were many and there was lots of cake, but just as sweet were the first trials, strong comebacks, and other personal accomplishments. Here are a few highlights.

From our Journey book celebrating milestones of all kinds:
"After 4 yrs of no startline, Abs stayed in Tunnelers"
"Tristan’s first trial"
"Pip’s first trial – Tunnelers is a blast!"
"Otis beat cancer this year and is back to having fun!"
"George likes chicken over liver!"
"Bubba read my cue for a tough #2 tunnel!"
"First trial in our new (very old) van… clean runs all day for Bob & Izzy (but also over time). Great trial! Great day!"
"Rose Flam earned her XHP-N (X-Hoopers Novice)"
"Trixie has had a great time. 1 Q so far!! 1 more run left."
"Buddie earned Weavers Superior Novice title"
"Abbey got her second NATCH & V-NATCH titles, and won High in Trial - what a weekend for her."
"Got to see dear friends and make new ones."

Some titles earned at our trial:
Tim Surlas & Kayla earned their Novice Regular title
 Sandy Langan & Dusty earned their Superior Elite Tunnelers title, Outstanding Elite Chances title, & their NATCH in Weavers
 Jan Sammons & Magic earned their Elite Regular title
 Lyn Nagrani & Izzy earned their Novice Jumpers title
 Carol Greer & Ellie earned their V-NATCH2
 Leslie Willet & Willie earned their Novice Jumpers & Novice Tunnelers titles
 Leslie Willet & Lance earned their Novice Tunnelers title
 Jan Sammons & Peanut earned their Intro Chances title
Jonelle Wolf & Abbey earned their NATCH2 & V-NATCH2
 Leslie Willett & Willie earned their Open Regular title
 Stephanie & Reilly earned their Novice Touch ‘n’ Go title
 Norma Gaddy & Jack earned their NATCH & V-NATCH
 Diane Driscoll & Petra earned their Novice Barrelers title

We'll do it all over again Feb 3-5, 2017, so please join us!
Diane Driscoll
Greensboro GA