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Hi, just because I'm thinking about it - what are approximate expenses for champs?  (I've never been). Approximately how much for entry fees (I would be entering 2 dogs). What other expenses might I encounter?  (Besides travel expenses of gas, food, hotel, etc). Thanks for any help!

Chris Nelson:
Hey Jill,

For this year the entry into the main event will most likely be around $275.   We're working on the premiums now so we can nail that down by mid january.
If you want a stall for the entire event it would be $120.  If you only needed it for the main event days it would be cheaper.
Then you just need to factor in your own personal hotel costs and travel expenses.

We usually have a good number of vendors, so spending money if you wanted to have a shopping spree.  I would recommend budgeting at least a small amount for Photos and Videos.  They do a really nice job and it's nice to have those memories :)

We should have the premium out by Mid to late January and then all the event costs will be solid :)

Is there a place where time frames for Champs reside?  When do you have to qualify?  Etc...
Ken Briefel

Thanks Chris

Vicki Storrs:
The champs premium is posted on the regular NADAC website (not the forum) and has the detaiils listed.  There are different requirements for regular Champs and pre-elite champs. Regular Champs has requirements for lifetime points and then"Champs year" (I believe that is Aug 1, 2016-Sep 15, 2017) points in a variety of classes. Pre-elite only needs at least 100 points during the "champs year" in regular, any level but not More than 100 points can be from Elite Regular, or else it will automatically move you up to regular Champs.
Clear as mud?


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