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2017 Chances Challenge- Course Analysis Online Class
« on: December 23, 2016, 04:18:27 AM »
2017 CHANCES CHALLENGE ~  Chances Course Analysis Class

Do you have a hard time with the distance challenges in Chances? Do you have a hard time analyzing chances courses? Not sure how to handle chances courses? Where to lead out if at all?  What skills do I need to work on?? 

OR Are you an instructor and need some ideas for sequences to work distance in your classes??   

Every month in 2017 I will set a chances course, go over course analysis - explain options for handling it and video tape me running my dogs on the course.  I will set a novice, open and elite line.  

This class is great for students and instructors!
Students can watch, learn and practice! Instructors You can set the course for your classes!!

Some chances will use dog walk, a frame or even no contacts at all! I will use various need for that course.  You do not have to work it or set the course, but you can participate in discussions and think about how you would handle to course. 

You must sign up by the end of January.  You can watch and learn until you are ready to set your own courses.   This is a class about chances and analyzing the skills you need for that course. You do not have to set the course or video tape it (unless you want to).  You can participate in the discussions on how you would handle it and options about that course. 

I will setup a private facebook page and post my videos, lectures and notes.   Particpants can comment, ask questions etc in the group.   You will have the option to send in videos for my review at an additional cost of $15 a review per Chances run. 

2017 Chances Challenge Fee- $120 
Sign up through January 31st 2017.   Must sign up now through January 2017. 

Email me if you are interested or need more information
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