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Hi,  Since I'm considering going to Champs this year for the first time, was just curious about past Champs. Is there a list somewhere where (city, state, venue, etc) past Champs have been? Maybe the last 10-15 years?  Again, just curious about all things Champs lately! :) :)

Anyone?  I'm so curious!  Doesn't Chris Nelson usually have all these kinds of cool stats!

Linda W. Anderson:
I don't know about before 2009, but here is the list since then:  2009 Shelbyville, TN; 2010Gillette, WY; 2011 Springfield, IL, 2012 South Jordan, UT; 2013 Springfield, IL; 2014 South Jordan, UT; 2015 Springfield, IL; 2016 South Jordan, UT.  2017 is scheduled for Cincinnati, OH.  See you there!

Vicki Storrs:
Columbus Ohio, or there abouts

1999 Duluth MN
2000,2001,2002 Mankato MN
2003 Calgary, Alberta Canada -- Best venue ever, but customs were major jerks!
2004 Castle Rock, CO
2005 Lake St. Louis, MO

Gina and Abbey


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