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Double digit dogs at champs


Hi,  what exactly is the double digit dog division at Champs?  I understand that it is for dogs 10 years and up, but do they run the same courses but are just allowed more time? Are their qualifying requirements the same?  Are they required to jump 2 jump heights lower than their measured jump height or can they just jump 1 height lower?  My other info to know?

Murrelet Halterman:
Hi Jill,

I've run my dog in Double Digit the last two years. There were two groups of DD dogs - the big dogs (all jumping 12"), and the dogs jumping 4" and 8". Each group was judged and placed separately from all the other groups. For the most part they ran the same course, but they had a shorter course several times. One I remember was a course that had 3-4 sets of weaves, but the course was renumbered so the old dogs only did two sets of weaves. This is all announced at the start of the day, so there was never any confusion. It was a blast - those old dogs know the game, and are fun to run and a blast to watch!

If your dog is under 12 years old, they can take either one or two heights lower - your choice.

Have fun!


Thanks Murrelet!


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