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Chris Nelson:
Went ahead and made a little video showing some of the info about the site for camping and crating as well.  Hope it helps to answer some questions!

First let me say thank you for all of your work.  It is very much appreciated.

I am looking forward to my first time at Champs this year.  I am planning on camping and was curious about the availability of any hook ups, potable water and dumping.  Are those going to be available?  When should we plan to make our camping reservations?

Chris Nelson:
RV Sites are all plumbed with Water and Electric.  No Sewer sadly.  They are charging $120 for the week.   So definitely cheaper than a normal campground :)

That seems reasonable.  Do you know if there is a dump site nearby or a service that comes in?  Sorry if I'm asking too many questions.

Chris Nelson:
No worries!  Questions are great.

I'm not sure about the dump site nearby.  But I imagine we will do the same thing we have done in Utah where we have a truck come in sometime mid-week and dump everyone.


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