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GotDog? NATChs and Brags
« on: July 09, 2012, 08:45:05 AM »
Thank you to EVERYONE who came to play this weekend!!  It was such a beautiful weekend with the sun shining yet we all stayed nice and COOL in the Circle L arena.  I don’t know what it is about that barn but it is somewhat magical.  I cant wait for them to get the $10,000 worth of new lights in… it will be even better!!!  I always get comments on how much everyone loves the place and how nice the owners are.

We had some GREAT accomplishments this weekend…..  NATCh’s as follows:

Jeannie Biggers and Saige finished both NATCh and V-NATCh
Billie Rosen and Klev’r finished NATCh 10 and V-NATCh 8
Tom Fix and Breeze finished NATCh 4
Wendy Hultzman and Qyette finished NATCh 12


Here is the list of brags that got written down:

Cloe – weavers novice superior
Flurry – Superior elite tunnelers
Durango – 1st ever weavers Q!, novice chances
Rio – outstanding open weavers
Piper – open weavers title, open reg title
Timbre – open outstanding hoopers, open weavers, elite jumpers and 1st elite title, open outstanding regular
Frog – superior elite weavers, superior elite touch n go, triple superior versatility
Joker – hoopers novice
Wyatt – first title – novice touch n go
Byrdie – outstanding elite weavers, outstanding elite regular
George – Novice versatility, open jumpers
Zip – touch n go Q
Niki – novice outstanding chances
Millies Fab – Nov sup tunnelers and weavers and elite touch n go
Elise – novice jumpers
Brina and Bobbi – 1st elite regular to run and a Q
Sissy – novice outstanding jumpers
Journey – touch n go title
Freya – open outstanding touch n go

I will get the GotDog? Star points calculated up and posted later!  So good to see everyone and hope to see you in August with Chris Nelson as our judge!!

Jeannie Biggers
Jeannie Biggers
GotDog? LLC