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Does anyone know when the premium is going to be released?

Chris Nelson:
Very soon!  Had some delays the past week.

Premium should be up soon.

Keep in mind tue actual entry form will not be released until May.

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Will that be on NADAC web site, or the Forum?


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Chris Nelson:
Website :)

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just looked at the Champs premium
  1) I know the entry form won't be out until May, but can you tell us the cost of entry?
  2) Since there isn't a proficient or skilled category at champs (correct me if I am assuming that wrongly), my
      dog will turn 7 in May of this year.  I jump him in proficient so I can jump him at 16.  Am I reading the
      premium correctly that I won't have the choice to jump him at 16" at Champs?


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