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Stall, RV And crating reservations

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Chris Nelson:
All Reservations can be done through the Championships page on the nadac website.
Everything got opened up today!

Hi Chris!
Looking at the camping area on the map, it looks like a sand lot.  Is there any tent camping available, or is this RVs only?

Chris Nelson:
I don't believe it would be a problem to have a tent camper in those same areas!
You are correct that it is a sand lot though.  At least from what I can see in the pictures.  I'll know a lot more about these kind of specifics after I take a trip out this summer :)

Will we be getting more info on the campsite?  I saw there are bathrooms but no showers. What about water and dump stations?  I'm assuming there are electric hookups?  Thanks!

Chris Nelson:
There is water and electric.  No dumps.

We usually have a truck come out around mid-week to dump everyone on site :)


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