Author Topic: Time plus Faults Clarification  (Read 6046 times)

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Re: Time plus Faults Clarification
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Hopefully this won't happen, but if it does: if dog misses #2 and goes to #3 and #4, can you then go back to #2 for a redo (from #2 onward) and only incur 1 off-course fault?

--Debbie P, Louisville

If it was the dog running to #3 and #4 then no extra faults would be counted.  When you go off course you're considered off course still until the correct obstacle is taken.   In this case #2.

Now if you intentionally kept running, and then for some unknown reason decided to come back to #2 it would be a different story.   But zoomies won't cost you extra :)

If I understand the question correctly