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Chris Nelson:
When you register you have to make a account name.

If you want your 'name' to show up differently (my account name is NadacChris, but my name shows up as Chris 'CJ' Nelson) then do this:

Click Profile
Hover over Modify profile and click on account settings
Then below the Username will be a column that says 'Name' and you can enter whatever you like in there.

Chris Nelson:
Also remember that this only changes your APPEARED name!

Your username originally used is still what you need to enter when logging in.

Chris Nelson:
If you are having any problems whatsoever, please email me.

I wouldn't go so far as to say this is my baby, but I did put some effort into this and had to learn a lot.   So I have a decent knowledge of how it works and can help you out as well.

You can either send me a PM (Private message) through this board.

Or email me at

I will also take all my previous helpful posts and put them below.   Try to keep everything in one place.


Chris Nelson:
Feel free to post anything you feel.   Keep in mind most of the boards are hidden until you become a member.

And for the judge folks out there:

Here is what you need to do in order to get access to the judges boards.

Click on 'Profile'.   Hover over 'Modify Profile' and then click on 'Group membership'.

From there you can request to be added to the judges group and that board will open up for you.

Chris Nelson:
For getting access to new posts:

There are multiple ways to access information on this board.   I will outline a few here.

(1) Below your portrait on the left is a button that reads 'Show unread posts since last visit'.    This does exactly what it says, anything that has been posted since you lost visited the site will be here.   

(2) 'Show new replies to your posts'.   Again doing exactly what it says.   This is a more stricter search since you would have obviously had to comment already in order to have anything show up here.   But handy if you want to see any new activity on a thread you were interested in.

(3)  At the very bottom of the page under 'forum stats' is a button that says 'View the most recent posts'.   I personally don't like this option very much as the info is jumbled up and all over the place.   But if you are just interested in every single thing someone has said it's not a terrible option for that.

(4) Just open up the boards and view the topics

(5) You can also use the search bar on the left to search for a specific thread.   Keep in mind it's going to take awhile to populate this forum with info.  So the search won't be too helpful until the info comes up.


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