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Great Fun at Laughing Dog Trial!!!!!
« on: March 27, 2017, 12:34:42 PM »
The Laughing Dog NADAC trial this past weekend in Autaugaville, AL, was soooooooo much fun!!!!!  We were small, but we were loud!!  With all the accomplishments that were taking place like first legs, dogs making huge improvements on course and all the new titles, there was a lot of cheering going on.  I personally had some real successes with a wild-a_____d Poodle I am trying to run.  There were many other people who were having the same experiences.  It was so nice to hear all the compliments and encouraging words from the other exhibitors for the people who were making some ever-so-small and not-so-small progress on something that they had been working really hard.  It was also really nice to see some people who are fairly new to NADAC being successful and having fun.  The dogs seemed to have much more fun than the people and I loved that!!!!

Erin Wajda is an outstanding judge.  She brought some really challenging courses.  (Don't ask me my opinion about one of the Elite Chances courses.  LOL)  She really knows how to challenge your handling skills.  Erin was a lot of fun to work with and helped the trial go smoothly.  She was readily available for questions and helped the Novice people when they needed it.  We look forward to having her back to play with us again soon. 

Below are some of the titles that were earned during the trial.  Congratulations to all these teams for their well-deserved accomplishments. 

Susan Barmby - Keegan - Sheltie - Novice X-Hoopers Certificate
Susan Barmby - Piper - Sheltie - Novice X-Hoopers Certificate & 1st leg in Open Touch n Go
Susan Barmby/Deena Pregno - Clipper - Smooth Collie - Outstanding Intro Jumpers Certificate
Lee Ann Doan/Sara Langston - Kyanne - Poodle - Novice Jumpers Certificate & 1st Open Jumpers Leg
Tam Dunfee - Piper - Shih-Tzu - Intro Regular Certificate
Sandra Huner - Razz - Boxer - Open Superior Touch n Go & Novice X-Hoopers Certificate
Sandra Huner - Zodi - Boxer - Novice Agility Certificate & Novice Jumpers Certificate
Jan Sammons - Jamie - Shih-Tzu - Intro Tunnelers Certificate
Jan Sammons - Mac - Shih-Tzu - Outstanding Novice Tunnelers
Jessica Towey - Rebel - Brittney Spaniel - Novice Agility Certificate
Jessica Towey - Frankie - Pomeranian - Open Jumpers Certificate & Open Touch n Go Certificate
Kelli Whitfield - Griffin - Glen of Imaal Terrier - Novice Jumpers Certificate
Jonelle Wolf - Macy - Sheltie - Open Outstanding Jumpers Certificate

We are looking forward to our next trial in October.  Y'all come see us!!!!!

Sara Langston, Laughing Dog Agility
Sara Langston, Laughing Dog Agility
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