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Becky Woodruff:
Hello Western Regional Folks,

The NADAC Western Regional Committee is hard at work formulating plans for the Western Regional to take place October 5-8, 2017 at the Ironwood Event Center in Reno, Nevada.   We are looking forward to a fun-filled four days of great agility.

The premium is available on the NADAC website under Events,

We have available spots for Vendors so if you are a vendor or if you know of someone who is and might be interested in space, please contact me at    The fee for the 4 days is $125.00 for a 10x10 space and $175.00 for a 10x20 space.
We also plan to host a raffle and are soliciting donations.   It can be anything from as small as a soap sampler basket to a crate, chair, x-pen or…  ?    We are looking for a variety of suitable items to help make the Regional raffle a success.   If you have something to donate or are willing to solicit local or not local businesses for donations, please contact me and we’ll go from there.

If anyone in the Reno/Sparks area has a favorite catering truck service or would be willing to check out “Food Truck Friday” to see which vendors might be interested in our event or obtain contact information and NADAC will do the follow up, it would be very helpful!
We are thinking that two different trucks on Thursday and Friday and a different two trucks for Saturday and Sunday might be the best way to accommodate exhibitors.

For those who will be coming with an RV, there are a limited number of sites with both electricity and water.  There are additional sites with electricity only and a large number of sites for dry camping.   Additional information regarding the cost and making reservations will be forthcoming.  Parking reservations will be made after we have received your entry.  Please stay tuned.  Once you’ve submitted your entry, please contact Sharon at to request your RV parking reservation.

We have booked a block of ten rooms at the Ramada Reno Hotel, 1000 E. 6th St. 775-786-5151.  The group rate is $75.45 plus a flat pet fee of $30.00 (they usually charge $15.00 per pet per night!)
Please call to make reservations for the group rate under NADAC

There will be no crating on the main arena floor, but we will have a limited number of spots in the small dirt area connected to the arena, 10 x 10 stalls right outside the main building and a larger dirt area in the feed store building.
More information will be made available as we work out the details with Ironwood.

As is the case with any event, we need volunteers to help with all aspects in setting up, and breaking down as well as during the event itself.  If you are willing and able to help out, please feel free to e-mail me at   
The NADAC Staff is excited to be making plans for this regional event and will continue to share information as various pieces fall into place.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Sharon at or myself at

Sharon Nelson:
NADAC Western Regionals competitors, due to a scheduling conflict we have to change the dates from Oct. 12-15, to the dates Oct. 5-8. For those that have already entered, please confirm that the date change is okay.I will see you there! Chris will update the premium as soon as he can!
Good luck to all NADAC supporters going to the Championships or the Regional!


Sharon Nelson:
Here is an RV park that is closest to the Ironwood Event Center, where the Western Regionals will be held Oct. 5-8.

Almost all RV spots are taken at Ironwood, unless you can dry camp.  So if you need to make off site reservations, here is some info.

Sparks Marina RV Park
1200 East Lincoln Way
Sparks, NV

18 miles from Ironwood Events Center

Make reservations asap to guarantee Oct. dates

Back in = $43.00 per night
Pull through = $48.00

Two pet limit per site

There was some talk of changing the run formats for the regional.  Do we know if there will be something different (i.e. more than 2 runs per day).

Sharon Nelson:

--- Quote from: HarryMelamed on July 10, 2017, 10:25:06 AM ---There was some talk of changing the run formats for the regional.  Do we know if there will be something different (i.e. more than 2 runs per day).

--- End quote ---

I would love to!  I will ask Chris if we can add more runs per day and have even more fun and even more different from Champs.  He is traveling right now, so probably not online.  And before that he was putting on a funraiser, traveling, doing a vacation with Visintainers, judging again and now traveling back to Oregon, so he has been very busy and hasn't been able to answer yet.



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