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Lisa Bonker & Paula Goss Nov 7 & 8 seminar Woodstown NJ
« on: July 15, 2012, 06:52:01 PM »
In The Zone Agility Presents NADAC Handling & Skills Seminar  with Paula Goss and Lisa Bonker

November 7 & 8 2012  Woodstown NJ

NADAC Clinicians, Lisa Bonker and Paula Goss, will be offering a 2-day seminar Wednesday and Thursday Novemeber 7 & 8  before the November 9, 10 & 11 ITZ trial at the beautiful outdoor Salem County  Fairgrounds in Woodstown, New Jersey.

 Training distance – NADAC is known for its distance and speed.

We will cover distance sequences from novice chances through Elite bonus lines and help you make distance skills part of every run and not just a chances class skill.     

Training speed and motivation - You want your dog to be as fast as THEY can be, not as fast as you can be and you don’t want them dependent on you for obstacle performances.  We will cover how we teach speed, control, distance and motivation on common NADAC sequences.

Handling: Perfecting your verbal/body/pathwork/motion cues and other challenges frequently encountered on NADAC courses- Agility is more than straight lines.  We will cover how to use all the cues to get the most efficient lines/turns from your dogs, how we teach discriminations, switches, tight turns, and other challenges that encounter on NADAC courses.

Analysis of obstacle performances - safe performances =  sound dogs.  We will take a close look at jumping and contact obstacles for each dog.  Video analysis may be used during these sessions so feel free to bring your personal video camera if you want to keep what we record and discuss.

 Putting it all together:  On November 9, 10 & 11 put it all together and end your week with Lisa and Paula with another fun “In the Zone” agility trial.

 There are several hotels within 20 minutes from the fairgrounds as well as RV (electric only) hookups, wonderful indoor bathrooms and a private shower, acres and acres of fields for the dogs (and you) to run and unwind.

 We are limiting this seminar to 20 teams per day. (10 teams each group – groups will work with both Lisa and Paula each day)

 Paula Goss Bio:

 Lisa Bonker Bio:

 For more seminar information, contact Lisa at

 For information about the ITZ trials:

Salem County Fairgrounds website:

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Re: Lisa Bonker & Paula Goss Nov 7 & 8 seminar Woodstown NJ
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How much does this cost?

I see the cost for the 3 day seminar you had back in May on your website but not for this 2 day one.

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