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Ed and Dino:
After watching the general champs info video by Chris, he mentioned using hash tag on Facebook.

I am not a facebooker but I've been on Twitter a very long time.

I anticipate tweeting a bit from Champs and I will use the hash tag even though it is a bit long.
Hash tags on twitter when searched generally capitalization does not matter, so I may actually use

Depending on AT&Ts LTE coverage in the venue, I may even occasionally go live on Twitter thru Periscope.
This remains to be seen.

Anyway if you are on Twitter you can look for the hash tag or you can follow me @dinosdad

Ed and Dino:
I posted Belle's first Q at NADAC pre-trial in Sunbury Ohio.

Blew most of my weekly Vimeo data on this.

Enjoy at least you see what on ring at pre trial is like.

I tweeted a few pictures on twitter today too.

Ed and Dino:
Back home with good wifi after a fun time at Champs.

Thanks to NADAC and all the people, workers, handlers and dogs that made my first experience at NADAC champs a positive one. I was not running a dog, I worked a total of 6 times across 6 different 6 courses and watched a number of runs, especially Belle and Cee Cee, the beagles. It was a thrill to see the Cee Cee the winner of the Highest Scoring Beagle bar and to learn the origin of Cee Cee's name.

I did tweet some on Twitter while I was there but the long days at champs and so many things to see and experience, left me wondering where my time went and where the charge on my phone had gone.

For future reference I loaded up this tour that I did do on Periscope on Twitter while I was there. I was using my new GoPro attached to my hat and it was pointed a bit too high but this tour still gives you a feel for what the facility was like as set-up for NADAC Champs.

Also I hope next year the NADAC facebook hashtag is chosen and used consistently. I was pretty sure that Chris had said on the video use 2017nadacchamps but then the first NADAC tweet from facebook that came across to  twitter was #NADACChamps2017, which I liked better and then used consistently. However I did subsequently see another NADAC tweet that went back to the original.

I suggest #NADACChamps2018 is best format for next year.

Wow, Ed!  Thanks for sharing the layout of Champs!  It looks like a great facility...  Hope you all had a blast!

Sharon Nelson:
Well done, Ed!

What a great video for people to see the setup, thanks for doing that!



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