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A Fun Three Days in Canby Oregon
« on: July 16, 2012, 09:09:45 AM »
Thanks to everyone who came and participated in the three day Fun-raiser at Sunnybrook Farms.  We welcomed a few folks who came for the first time.  The Churches, from Corvallis and Donna and Kim from California.  We hope you all will come join us again.

Friday saw a small but hearty group for a morning of Tunnelers, Weavers and Touch N Go.  In the afternoon we had group try out the Beginner's Agility test.  There were a number of young dogs who did a great job.  The weekend saw some spectacular runs on some challenging Chances, Jumpers and Regular courses.  Thanks to the folks who bravely tried the EGC Extreme Barrel Racing and Gaters courses for the first time.  I think we will have do it again! 

The running on Saturday was followed by a relaxing get together BBQ.  As usual the food was awesome and enough for an army so we needed to have a repeat performance on Sunday.

Congratulations Sylvia Moore and Parker on earning two Elite Superiors in Jumpers (sorry Sylvia I can't remember if the other superior was in Chances or Regular!)  I am sure there were other milestones accomplished. 

Thanks to everyone who timed, scribed, ran leashes, set jumps and moved equipment.  The trial doesn't happen without the volunteers.  Special thanks to Traci who came up and did much of the judging. 

I hope everyone had a good time and will come to the next one August 4/5.