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North Alabama Canine Cruisers trial Nov 4 - 5

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The North Alabama Canine Cruisers’ premium for our fall NADAC trial is now available.  Our trial is Nov. 4-5, 2017 in Huntsville, AL at the A&M Agribition Center. 

You can download the premium from .  Or you can go to our website,

and follow the link to the trial and choose to download the .pdf version or the Word version.

Or on facebook, search for North Alabama Canine Cruisers and we should have both versions there in a day or so.

Looking forward to running with you then!.

Janice Shavor
(Very New) Trial Secretary

Sandy Langan:
Planning on coming Janice. Sandy

Sara Langston:
I plan on coming, too!!!!  And, I will have the "Rent-a-Poodle" with me.  Should be great for comic relief!!!!    ;D


Glad to have you both!!

Colleen Flam:
I'm coming also and so is Renee.


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