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Hotels that take dogs in Gillette

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I know it's really early to be asking - but I also know that Champs has been in Gillette a number of times already so I figure people already know the answer off the top of their heads.

What hotels are close to the trial site that take dogs?


Chris Nelson:
We're going to start checking on this soon!

I know at least two new hotels have been built since the last time we were there, one of which is basically right next to the site.   So I'm really hoping they accept dogs!


Awesome!  What is the exact name of the facility in Gillette?  I know it's in Gillette and that's about it!  Lol!


Chris Nelson:
Cam-Plex :)

I know there's a Motel 6 somewhere in the area. I"m cheap when it comes to hotels, so that's where I'll be ;)


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