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Unclaimed Sponsor Bars


I was reviewing the list of recipients of the sponsor bars and Darby was awarded Highest Scoring Bully Breed in Pre-Elite.  I know some of the bars were not distributed at the event.  It was hard to hear what happened to the others.  I can't recall if they were not made or not brought to the event.  If the bars have already been made can arrangements be made to get them?  I would be happy to pay shipping.  If anyone has any more info I would appreciate it.  (:

I saw that Kaiser earned the High Scoring Veteran Dog from Tennessee bar but I never heard anything about it at the event. Is there a bar? Or was that one that didn't get made?

Chris Nelson:
There were a couple issues with bars this year, sadly.
We have a few bars that weren't announced because they were hidden in a corner of the building!
Next year we will have a designated area for everyone to put the bars back to so that it doesn't happen again.

We'll be making a video in the next day or so announcing those winners, and we'll get them all mailed out :)

No sweat Chris!  Thanks so much.   😊


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