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Western Regional TEAM EVENT - Final Standings
« on: October 10, 2017, 05:39:42 PM »
The Team Event at the Western Regional was so much fun! Tons of encouragement & laughter.  Here is a list of Teams and their final standings in this "fierce" competition!  The GOLDEN OLDIES affectionately known as the "Golden Old Coots" took the honors!

"Golden Oldies
Kathy Phelan/Laurel Manning/Barb Davis"               1st   49
"Naughty Spots
Alix Ginter/Kelly Wilson/Debbie Brown"               2nd   47
"Mike's Maidens
Paulette Couture/Mike Fish/LeeAnne McAdam"        3rd   46
Sudden death coin flip to break 3rd pl. tie      
"Muy Guapa
Alix Ginter/Lynne Almeida/Sherry Dodson"      46
"Life is Short, Bark Loud
Jackie Loeser, Jeanne Allen, Kathy Pledger"      45
"Two Bad Apples & A Spud
Karen Egbert/Teresa Jewett/Jackie Loeser"      41
"The Dude & The Dudettes
Phil Brown/Maureen Brown/Sali Dulco"      41
"Seal Team
Mary Kapner/Kim Hastings/Kathy Pledger"      41
"I Don't Want To Be On This Damn Team
Mike Omartian/Linda Fuller/Sharon Nelson"      39
"The Green Jackets
Kyle Trumbull-Clark/Nora Zamichow/Erica Potter"      38
"Spice Girls
Karin Bell/Cherie Singer/Lynn Saunders"      37
Sherry Dodson/Bobbie Eddy/Kelly Wilson"      37
"Purple Puppy People
Devorah Sperver/Kim Hastings/Becky Woodruff"      35
"Go With The Flow
Debbie Lean/Mary Kapner/Becky Woodruff"      26

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Re: Western Regional TEAM EVENT - Final Standings
« Reply #1 on: October 12, 2017, 10:00:13 AM »
Thanks Becky! This was a really FUN Team event. Simple, silly and no dogs involved. Much better than involving dogs who already have enough stress, etc., on their plates. Little did we know we either had these "skills" or were severely lacking in them....sigh....  ;)

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