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Height class names at Champs

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Lynn Broderick:
So... FWIW...  it's kind of funny that a bunch of dogs ran as "XL DD" at Champs (think intimate apparel and it's funny)... but I don't think most of us think of our dogs as XL's- heck, even the rottie wasn't really Extra Large... how about Mini, Small, Medium and Large for future events?

Just an idea-

Chris Nelson:
I could go with that :)

I did chuckle a bit when seeing that for the first time...Had to watch my wording when announcing as well haha

Heidi Konesko:
I have to agree!  I don't think anyone has ever referred to my guys as Extra Large before, except in their bark! 
-Heidi and the XL barkers, Penny & Jack

Foomin Z:
On the other hand, my 25 pound Corgi who jumps 4" is far from being "mini."

Audri, Cee Cee, Lily, Toto, and Calypso:
Yeah, I don't consider Cee Cee at 15.5" tall and 21 lbs a LARGE dog!  LOL!


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