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Next year's regionals

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Have their been thoughts about where next year's Eastern Regionals might be held?

Isabel and Cocoa

Chris Nelson:
At this point I would like to hold one regional that is sponsored by NADAC, and quite a number more that are done in conjunction with a clubs trials.

We're working out details now :)

I'm just wondering if you have made any progress concerning Eastern Regionals for 2018.  Not pressuring, just need to know how much and when I need to put in for vacation.  Thanks

Chris Nelson:
Regionals for 2018 are going to be done a little differently. 
There will be multiple events, all held in conjunction with a normal clubs trial.

So we'll have two on the east coast, one south and one north.
Once we get it worked out with the clubs we'll announce which trials :)

Will they be at the same time as Champs?  So they have to be indoors?



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