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Re: New rule changes
« Reply #30 on: November 06, 2017, 08:17:40 AM »
So when do you have time to talk to the leash runner?  Aren't they typically at the other end of the course having just delivered the leash? 

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Re: New rule changes
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I generally have a mid-class height dog (not first!), so I try to locate the leash runner before I get my dog out, or at the very least when s/he is walking back from having delivered a leash to the finish line (assuming s/he's not holding it for the person on course).  I realize this isn't always possible, given various ring layouts, distance to crates, etc.  But I try.  If it doesn't work, it's usually only another second or two to get the slip lead end up and over my dog's head.  Way faster than fastening the harness!  (which is kinda my point...)


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Re: New rule changes
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You can ask the gate to tell the leash runner what you want, does not hurt to ask.


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Re: New rule changes
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I've... never had trouble talking to the leash runner.  I can't remove my dog's leash until the former dog is on leash - which means the runner has delivered the leash and is on their way back into position - and honestly the judge rarely seems to give their good luck before ring crew (including leash runner) is in position.   

A quick 'leash on the ground, please' is usually what I say, but another single sentence instruction hasn't something I've had trouble with, with the trials/rings/set ups I've experienced.
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Re: New rule changes
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To the person who said a dog shouldn't be in agility without a start line, I HAD a start line when Melbourne and I first started to play agility.  Stress manifested in a "mopey" dog, so I worked to eliminate what made him unhappy, after all, I am asking HIM to play my game and paying the bill and if he's along for the ride, he should be HAPPY.  My drop and go doesn't hurt anyone and has made me be a better handler as I have to be able to apply/release pressure from behind this way.  This was a decision I made for the happiness of my dog and overall less stress for both of us.  My younger dog (when I run her), IS made to stay at the start line and I DO NOT release her until I am ready, but she's different and wants to be "in charge" which means that I enforce this rule to remind her who's in charge.

Chris is making a good decision here with these rule changes because a little success goes a long way in keeping people engaged.  Just because "more people" might have success doesn't detract or affect any success my dog and I have as a team.  Frankly, I generally don't care how many people get a Q on a course if we get it because it's about my dog and I "versus" the course (and SCT).  I'm not saying I'm not happy for others or don't look at how they do things for future learning, but if we get it and so do 100% of other teams or 0% of other teams, it just doesn't really matter at the end of the day.  :)
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Re: New rule changes
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I am with Maureen and Melbourne here.  I HAD start line stay with my dog as well.  It made for an extremely stressed, mopey, simply walk the course and get through it dog.  I then stopped that and now do a running start with her.  She has her NATCH 3 (almost to 4) her V-NATCh (almost to 2), and her triple superior versatility (most proud of this award!) award and is still going strong.  Is she REALLY not supposed to be doing agility because she can't do a start line stay?   She is a happy dog running courses quite well without a stay at the start line.

I also run a beagle.  No way that I can get a stay out of her....  Her nose would take over.  We get to the line and run as well.  She is semi-retired, but she has competed in Champs twice and has done quite well.  And guess what, she LOVES to play agility, especially tunnelers, but she should not run agility because she doesn't have a start line stay????  She will never earn a NATCH, but I don't care about that.  We have fun on the course together and that is what counts.
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