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Mary Grabau 3 Pines:
I am ready to close the book on the 2017 Champs. There are MANY of you who still have not ordered your videos.  Other than just a couple of glitches and misplacing that one video, it went well.  If you'd still like to order here's the link  We have some "Always Beside You" pendants left as well.  Or PM me on FB or email me  Thanks for all who supported us again this year.  Video is so very important.  We had one client who lost everything in a fire and we had all the videos to re send to her.  She was thankful.  We were thankful we still had access to the videos as well.  So if you think you might want to order, please don't hesitate.  Also if you need to pay later, when you order just mark pay by check at the end.  That will flag it for me.  Also, here is the link to the awards video  It's a very large file so it's in 3 parts. 

Linda W. Anderson:
Mary and Kent,  You two do such great work, I don't know what we'd do if you retire.  People-buy your videos!!  You won't regret it.

The quality of my videos this year was fantastic! I can't imagine not having this memory from Champs and I'm so thankful for the services you provide so that I don't have to stress over finding someone to video my runs for me.

Mary Grabau 3 Pines:
Thank you!!!!!

Mary Grabau 3 Pines:
There were a few that were filming themselves and I supposed they won't purchase, and that's just the way it is.  It sure has not been easy on Kent to sit on that platform for countless hours, quiet and steady completely focused on the team on the course. But we love the sport of dog agility and we love NADAC and all of our supporters. Some videographers only film those who pre order and don't worry about the rest.  Our philosophy has always been that we film them all because someday, someone might want to see that dog again.  And..we still have most of them in storage.  At Champs 2010 I am unable to locate where I stored the video of one of the rings for two days.  I am not giving up hope of finding them, it just takes time to go through all the terabytes of storage.  Some of the weekend trials we have filmed have been deleted because we needed room.  I really hate doing that because those are moments in time with your dogs we will never see again so we decided to buy more external drives for more storage. One drive that contained 5 large trials was knocked off a desk by a dog while the drive was working and it was permanently damaged and all that footage was lost forever. Things are so temporal. Thank you everyone, hug your dogs. 


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