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Thank you so much for the wonderful memories!  I love sharing our experience at our first champs with family and friends who could not be there with us.  It is also very helpful to figure out how to improve for next time.  I will also add that Mary was especially helpful when I had a question and seemed more than happy to help.

Marcy Matties:

--- Quote from: Mary Grabau 3 Pines on November 06, 2017, 07:26:08 AM ---There were a few that were filming themselves and I supposed they won't purchase, and that's just the way it is.  It sure has not been easy on Kent to sit on that platform for countless hours, quiet and steady completely focused on the team on the course. But we love the sport of dog agility and we love NADAC and all of our supporters. Some videographers only film those who pre order and don't worry about the rest.  Our philosophy has always been that we film them all because someday, someone might want to see that dog again.  And..we still have most of them in storage.  At Champs 2010 I am unable to locate where I stored the video of one of the rings for two days.  I am not giving up hope of finding them, it just takes time to go through all the terabytes of storage.  Some of the weekend trials we have filmed have been deleted because we needed room.  I really hate doing that because those are moments in time with your dogs we will never see again so we decided to buy more external drives for more storage. One drive that contained 5 large trials was knocked off a desk by a dog while the drive was working and it was permanently damaged and all that footage was lost forever. Things are so temporal. Thank you everyone, hug your dogs.

--- End quote ---

I have someone video all of my runs because I want them “right now”. But I also buy yours because they are so much better and they are the ones I watch over and over forever.


I do the same as Marcy. I like seeing the run right now, but I also like the professionally done ones.  Besides, I forgot to hand someone the camera for one of my runs so I missed that one.  BUT!  I have it from Three Pines so all is well!

Robin & Surge

I also had friends record runs on my iPad but purchased from you prior to Champs. 

Ken Briefel and Max

Maureen deHaan:

I think many people film for their own posterity AND support 3Pines - I know I do.  I was one of those people standing next to Kent filming in tandem but I can assure you the people I was filming ALL bought from you too!


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