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New Course Design !*&%&*

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Me and Stan were out  doing some NADAC agility this weekend.   For some reason, the course designers decided it was time to add hoop wraps.   Next time check with Stanley, he was not too hip on that new challenge

He let me know in no uncertain terms that I better learn how to handle these... and fast!

Roger Coor:
Wraps with hoops are nothing new, so if Stanley didn't give a positive comment about it, it may be time to work on that skill. 

Definitely not new at all. They've been around for quite some time now. And a lot of fun I might add.

I've been around NADAC for 3 years and these were the first I saw this weekend.

I (and my dogs) agree with Harry & Stanley. 

Definitely not a new skill and it is a skill we have practiced but this weekend's course sets definitely had more hoop wraps than I have ever seen in the past-   and IMO the wraps seemed not to enhance the course flow/challenge but just in there to change the dog's direction which could have easily been accomplished with a 180, serpentine or barrel rather than only (or mostly) using hoops wraps.   

No insult meant to the course designer just weighing in after having run them.   



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