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2018 Special Registration Number Bidding

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Chris Nelson:
Hey Folks,

So we're going to do the bidding for the special registration numbers a little earlier this year, mainly because all the proceeds from the auction are going directly to Toys-4-Tots, and they need those funds before Christmas time.

If you don't know what the bidding is for we'll explain it here.
Each year we auction off registration numbers.     So if you wanted to have the number 18-01001 you would need to come here and place a bid for that number.

You can bid on any number you like, the only stipulation is that it has to follow the setup of a regular registration number.
So the first two digits are the year, 18-
The next two are the month, 18-01
And the last three is how many have been assigned, this is where you can get creative, 18-01999 for instance.

Bidding opens today, and we'll keep this open for the next week.   So bidding ends at Noon (Mountain Time), on November 21st.

Have fun and remember that ALL proceeds will be going directly to Toys-4-Tots

Can I get a number and fill in dog information later on?   I expect to get a new puppy this spring or summer but not sure just when?   

Marcy Matties:
I bid $25 for #18-02006 for Odie.  I assume that the bid amount is separate from the registration fee?


Kris D:
Bid $40


Kris DuRocher

I'll bid $50 for 18-07004 for Shay.

Gina Pizzo


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