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Live chat November 30th

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Chris Nelson:
7pm mountain time in the official Nadac Facebook group.

Will be in regards to the VT program and itís future.

Once the Facebook chat has ended we will immediately upload to YouTube and post the video here along with posting to the Nadac website in the announcements page.

All of that will take a few hours so please be patient.

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Chris Nelson:

Amy McGovern:
Chris, would there be a way to train to be a VT judge?  I don't have a desire to be a regular NADAC judge due to all my day job constraints but I would gladly do a training program to be a VT judge to help with this.  We would presumably learn all the rules as if we were to be trial judges but it would just be our job to ensure rules are followed at VTs.

Btw, we LOVE the VT program!  I really don't want to see it go away. It is a great program! 

I have never been shy about voicing my dislike for the VT program due to the fact that I have always thought people break the rules. Call me a pessimist if you will, but it is WAY too easy for people to set up a course, train on it, take video, and submit their best run. Even in cases where multiple people train together, someone could say they are recording subsequent attempts for their own purposes and then end up submitting one of those runs later at home -- who would know? My stance has grown even stronger after talking to several people who make it sound like they don't think it's a big deal at all to run the course several times until they get it right.

At the start of the VT program the Qs/points/titles were kept separate from the traditional "trial-earned" titles. I am 100% okay with that. I don't know that I even care if people do "break the rules" and train first, because those titles are given a different "weight" than those earned at trials. A percentage of Champs qualifiers could come from the VT program, but I do not think that VT Qs are equal to those earned at a real trial under trial stress in new places on new equipment. Qualifying runs in the VT program should earn VT titles (NATCH-VT, if you will). It never should have been combined with the regular program.

I still feel that you should police the program and try to enforce the rules, but the VT program should be separate from trial points. Maybe people would be less likely to abuse the system if they weren't trying to earn points towards their "real NATCH." One can hope.

Final comment -- While I do not participate in the VT program and I never will, I do appreciate having the courses posted because I keep them and pull from them for my classes. I hope that there might be another way to continue to offer a course library if courses are not being posted for VT?

We have done some VT runs and I can't imagine anyone I know cheating.  I honestly don't know what kind of sense of accomplishment you can get from cheating. 

I think having someone else verify your runs is a step in the right direction, but if there's already some groups of people cheating that's not really going to change anything.

I have actually found the VT runs to be tougher.  Dogs and people are often in a different frame of mind when you're just doing a couple of runs in someone's back yard.  There are also other distractions that you don't have at a normal trial.  I remember once Abbey went out around a bunch of daisies  ;D



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