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Chris Nelson:
VT Voting!
This vote will determine the outcome of certain rules regarding VT runs.

Some decisions have already been made and can be found on this page. The survey will be closed on December 10th, at 10AM Mountain Standard Time.

The results will be posted on December 10th, as soon as humanly possible.

After that a new VT rule book will be created and will be active starting January 1st.

Team Twodog:
Chris, could you add "I don't have an opinion on this" as a possible answer? I really don't know what to put for the first question, but I can't proceed without putting something, so I would just have to pick a random distance in order to be able to weigh in on questions where I do have an opinion.

Of course, maybe you only want people with strong opinions on every subject to respond, in which case leave it as it is :)

Karl Schulzki:
Hi Chris,
I went to vote on the VT trial survey but my wife voted earlier so it recognized our IP address.   Just letting you know so you don't think I was voting twice.


Amy McGovern:
We had the same problem here... Two handlers in the house and only one could vote.

I misread one of the questions, how many days from a trial. I thought it said how many day allowed to submit. I think it should only be 5 days not 10 between trial and vt submissions. Just FYI


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