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2018 Associate Dues

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Paulette Couture:
Happy New Year! 

Can we pay our Associate Dues via PayPal?  I believe I have in the past but wanted to double check.  Also what e-mail address would we use, as that may have changed.

Thank you!

Chris Nelson:
Sure can! is the go to address for everything now :)

Linda W. Anderson:
What are the fees for Asso. membership?

Stardax Dachshunds:
Do we need to fill in the Application Form if we are just renewing, or can we just put our Membership # in the paypal text box?

I see an FAQ that says "Associate membership fees are $15 for one year, $35 for 3 years or $50 for 5 years"  Is this still correct?

Thank you,

Chris Nelson:
You can use PayPal directly, or you can use the renewal form.    Either way works and is about the same amount of work for us :)

The costs are:
1 Year = $15
3 Years = $35
5 Years = $50


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