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Super Laughing Dog Agility March Trial!!!!!
« on: March 26, 2018, 03:03:52 PM »
We just completed one of the best Laughing Dog Trials ever.   Everyone seemed to be having a good time.  There were old timers, new timers, and first timers!!!!  By the end of the trial, many new friendships had been formed and these will last through the years.  A huge thanks to all the exhibitors who come to Alabama to help make this trial such fun.  Another big thanks to everyone who worked so hard in the rings to make the trial go smoothly.  A trial can't run without workers and our folks stepped up big time!!!! 

An even bigger thanks to Chris Nelson who judged the trial.  He is one of the best judges NADAC has.  If you haven't had Chris to one of your trials, you should sign him up now.  He was so friendly to the newbies and the oldies who had Novice dogs (me, me, me).   He was very approachable and no one hesitated to ask him questions about the rules or courses.  His courses were outstanding!!!!  They had some challenges I hadn't seen before and some new twists on old challenges.  You can bet I will be setting some of the courses for practice.  LOL  Everyone also enjoyed meeting and visiting with Cynthia and Carson.  They are such a lovely family!! 

Below is a list of titles earned during the trial.  Congratulations to these teams for earning these titles and for some of the firsts that were experienced.  All of these teams have worked very hard to achieve what they have and they deserve to be recognized. 

Susan Barmby - Keegan - Outstanding Novice Agility Certificate
Cindy Hosler - Eve - First Elite Tunnelers Leg
Sara Langston - Rocket - 2 Intro Regular Legs and he stayed in the ring!!!!
Sara Langston - Kyanne - Novice Superior Tunnelers Certificate & 1st Novice Chances Leg
Linda Larson - Eddie - Outstanding Novice Agility Certificate, Outstanding Novice Jumpers Certificate, Outstanding Novice Tunnelers Certificate, Outstanding Novice Touch n Go Certificate, & Novice Barrelers Certificate
Jan Sammons - Jamie - Outstanding Novice Agility Certificate & Novice Tunnelers Certificate
Jan Sammons - Lally - Elite Regular Certificate
Jan Sammons - Claire - Novice Jumpers Certificate
Janice Shavor - Walker - Novice Superior Barrelers Certificate & Novice Touch n Go Certificate
Presley Thomas - Jet - Open Tunnelers Certificate
Danny Terry - Holly - No titles, but first time in Novice!!!!!

Due to personal illness and several personal issues happening at the time of the Laughing Dog Agility's January trial, the brags from that trial didn't get posted.  Those people need to be recognized for their accomplishments as well so, below, is the list of brags from the January trial.  My apologies to these people for the late congratulations.   

Sandy Langan - Dusty - 5,000 Lifetime Points!!!!
Alesa Ryals - Music - Superior Novice Tunnelers, Superior Novice Jumpers
Alesa Ryals - Leyla - Superior Open Tunnelers
Alesa Ryals - Pebbles - Open Jumpers Certificate
Janice Shavor - Walker - Outstanding Agility Certificate & Outstanding Novice Touch n Go Certificate
Janice Shavor - Buddy - Outstanding Elite Jumpers Certificate & Outstanding Elite Tunnelers Certificate
Janice Shavor - Bella - VERSATILITY NATCH-2!!!!
Danny Terry - Holly - Intro Agility Certificate, Intro Jumpers Certificate, Intro Barrelers Certificate

Our next trial is in October.  Start making your plans to come play agility with us then. 

Sara Langston, Laughing Dog Agility
Sara Langston, Laughing Dog Agility
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