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Waco Agility Group (WAG-TX) March 23-25 Final McGregor Trial


Rena Bonem:
After the February WAG-TX NADAC trial ended last Sunday afternoon, I was told that the arena in McGregor had been sold and that the new owners would be making the building into a manufacturing plant. At our March trial, we plan to have a party with photos through the years for anyone who has trialed there.  Feel free to send photos or memories even if you cannot come!  It started with a January WAG trial in 2005 assisted by FAST.  We survived a tornado that ripped half the roof off.  We will be in Belton in August.  Beyond that, I donít know where or when the next trial will be, but there will be one!  This is the end of an era and the beginning of a new one and I hope you will all come and celebrate the times we have shared in McGregor.  I have lots of memories of all my agility angels (Lucy, Tess, and Willíem who grew up there) and I know the rest of you have memories you can share.  This is our 47th NADAC trial.  Letís make it one to remember!


Rena Bonem:
Entries for the last WAG NADAC Trial to be held in McGregor, Texas will close  on Friday.  Day of Trial entries will be accepted at a higher rate.  Our judge is Murrelet Halterman from California and the trial will be offered in our traditional format since it is the last trial in McGregor.  Friday will have Hoopers, Touch and Go, and Barrelers; Saturday will be Chances, Jumpers, 2 classes of Regular, Weavers, and Tunnelers;   with Chances, Tunnelers, one round of Regular, Jumpers, and Touch and Go on Sunday.  We will have Intro, Novice, Open and Elite for all classes.
Our next trial will be in Belton in August.

Rena Bonem:
Thanks to Everyone who came to our last trial in McGregor, Texas.  Although Saturday was HOT, we had lots of fun and shared lots of memories.  Congratulations to all of our NATCH and V-NATCH teams (I hope I don't leave anyone out):  Susan and Crockett McGuinness, Danielle and Tejas Kotrla; Robert and Rocket Man Stewart; and (in the last class Sunday) David and Vic Lauderman.  Our Texas Two-Step winners inluded Micki and Zumi Rosiles plus Robert and Rocket Msn, Danielle and Tejas (a three way tie with Q's broken only with HIT points) and David and Vic.  Awesome job by everyone including our judge Murrelet Halterman who encouraged a large group of new handlers and new dogs.


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