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We have a tyre, my dog jumps between the side supports and the tyre, like, every time we get it out I have to retrain it. Funny thing is one of her first tricks was a hoop jump, so it isn't like it is a weird concept!

I love the low teeter idea, could even make it wider so it was safer for bigger dogs. I would love to see *something* on course that shifts. It isn't like it doesn't happen in nature, my dog is always jump rock to rock and some shift and move. Maybe a suspension bridge or such would be neat if people hate the teeter?

Audri, Cee Cee, Lily, Toto, and Calypso:

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--- Quote from: Fonz N. Bob on March 07, 2018, 10:09:20 PM ---Also, interestingly, recently heard that some people were not entering NADAC trials because of the metal jumps with the metal jump cups.  They want plastic jumps with those flexible rubberish jump cups.   Have there been any conversations about that going around?

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I admit I'm not a fan of the metal jump cups.  Especially since some dogs have been taught to turn tightly around the jump standards and from what I can tell, there will be more wraps in NADAC.

Would be really easy to bring back the tire with the requirement that it's breakaway.  Most clubs already own one!


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I highly doubt that wraps will be on jumps.  They will be on hoops though.  Dogs don't need to turn that tightly on jumps and in all of my years, I have never seen an issue with metal jumps cups and a good many of the trials I go to use them.

As far as the tire, the break away is fine, but it is the way the tire is suspended that could cause and issue.  I have seen dogs get wrapped up in the cords that hold it in place.  FWIW, CPE also got rid of the tire and while I train with it, I don't really like it.

Jump cups wouldn't be an issue anywhere if people would allow/encourage/train a little wider path.


Not “new obstacle” and not trying to derail the OP.  Not NADAC’s fault - but stuff happens.  My five yr old, not “over the top”, not super speedy dog recently ran a Chances course. I blew it but decided to try again, working from an easy starting point. Due to my bad handling, or her missed timing, or whatever, she totally crashed the metal jump upright. Stuff happens!  She is fine but I would be very happy to see plastic jumps.  Very happy.


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