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The person who took my VT runs deleted the 2 submitted run links AFTER I had submitted them to NADAC and paid the $20. He had saved the runs in his camera, so I have new links for them now.  However, I have no idea how to get the new links re-submitted without paying AGAIN the $20.  I have been inquiring about this since Sunday evening and have heard nothing from anyone at NADAC to help me.  My 5 day submission deadline ends on Thursday.  Any ideas.   Karen

Chris responded to your message in another thread for you to email the new links to him and he would take care of it. 

Thanks, Cindy.  I've been checking each day, but didn't see any reply.  I'll look this morning.

Still don't see Chris' response.  I've sent the video links to the NADAC support email.  I'll do it again today.  Might be I just loose the money and the runs.  :-[
Appreciate your responding.

I can't find it, but you posted the question twice, under two different headings.  Chris responded to one of them and he will stand by that response.  I know he and Amanda travel a lot and he may not be able to respond right now, but he will take care of it when he is able.  In my experience NADAC goes above and beyond in making sure everyone gets credited for all the runs they have earned. 


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