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New Judge status changes


Chris Nelson:
Hi all,

This is to update everyone and let you know we have a new judge added to the list, and some status changes.

Randy Pratt has been moved up to an SP-1.

Karl Shulzki has been moved up to a full judge.

Karen Hough has been moved up to a full judge.

Kiely Grundahl has been added to the judges list as an SP-2.

Congratulations to everyone on their new changes and we look forward to seeing you all out there!


Marj Vincent:
Congratulations everyone!  Welcome to the judges list Kiely!!!  Good job!!

Marcy Matties:
Congratulations to all and Welcome to Kiely!

Lorrie Stelz:
congrats to our local judges Kiely and Randy!!  :)

We enjoyed having you at our Hutch FunRaiser trial last weekend!!

Congratulations to Randy, Karen, Karl on your move up in status!

Welcome to the family Kiely! Your journey is starting. May it be one of fun, enlightenment and wonder.
So hang on and enjoy the ride.

Mike Whall


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