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Mary Grabau 3 Pines:
It's that time again.  Here is the link to order your runs.  If you say no to download, that means you want to take them home on a usb. If you have an old usb from past champs you can use that.   Just make sure you have all the data off of it because I will format it when  you hand it to me at the event.  If you want to purchase a new one, they are 16 gig, not 8 like the website says.  This is the 2nd year with this new system so if you ordered last year, you will already have an account set up. If you have not used this new system, it will ask you to set up and account with us.  Email my personal email mary.grabau@yahoo.com if you have questions.  Or you can PM me on facebook.  Mary McManus Grabau   THANKS to our NADAC family for all your support!!  This will be our 10th anniversary filming the Champs!!!  So excited!! ~~~~Kent and Mary

Mary Grabau 3 Pines:

Mary Grabau 3 Pines:
We are cleaning up the server from last year and if you get an email that your video order is done, it is from last year.  Thanks so much.

Heidi Konesko:
thank you for posting that Mary, I was a little concerned when I got that email this morning.  :)
-Heidi in NH

tag team:
What date is the current pricing good through?  I'm not sure if I will be going to Champs but if i do, I'll want to order videos for sure!   Or should I order videos for my dogs and then cancel my order if I don't end up going? 

Thanks. Dev, Lil, and Takoda


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