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Has it been decided yet where Champs will be held in 2019?

Chris Nelson:
Itís very very likely we know the location.   But I want to wait until I can see it in person to make the announcements.   I will be looking at the facility mid April.  So if all goes well we should be announcing that by the end of April

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Any word yet on this?

Chris Nelson:
Sadly we had a bit of a bad experience with our visit to the potential location.

In short it would require every single person entered to rent a stall at $20 per day in order to make Champs work there.   Which is not great and not something I would like to do.

Otherwise EVERYONE would have to crate inside the main arena where dogs would be running, and based off the amount of space we used in 2017 and what we've already reserved in 2018 it's just not feasible.

Plus the stalls are just a covered building, so if it rains people are gonna get wet.
And the management was not terribly helpful and had a bit of an attitude, which doesn't bode well.

We're looking back into our second and third choices now, which is the Tennessee Miller Coliseum and the Kentucky Horse Park.   

Thank you Chris, for keeping us updated. unfortunate that your first pick was not accommodating but there are plenty of places that would love NADACs business I'm sure.


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