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Successful Start-Lines Online Course
« on: April 17, 2018, 04:26:25 AM »
I am excited to be offering Successful Start-lines Online Class at Bobbie Lyons Canine Campus.
In this class, you will learn how to train and maintain a calm, confident Start-Line. Before long, you'll be able lead out with confidence even with big distractions like throwing toys or a tunnel as obstacle #1! Lisa has a different philosophy when training start-lines. She doesn't train for the stay--- She trains the release. Training the release is 🔑 to successfully training dogs thatare calm at the start-line,stay until verbally released,charge off the start-line with confidence

In this class, you will learn Lisa's step by step methodology and the ability to proof your start-lines with targets and toys. Lisa will show videos with her young dog as well as advanced dogs to show you real time training and how to handle training challenges.

Enrolled is open now!
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