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Thanks from Play~Bow
« on: April 30, 2018, 02:52:55 AM »
Writing to thank everyone for coming out this weekend to support the trial and for working so hard both days to make the trial a huge success!  I can't believe how fast we were cleaned up on Sunday!  It was amazing! THANK YOU THANK YOU!  It's the volunteers who make a trial a great one!

While I didn't get to see everyone's runs - I think I was able to see everyone run at least once and to me it looked like everyone had great stuff out there!  We all (yes every one of us) have our struggles & ups and downs-  but it was so nice to see that even if our runs didn't go as planned everyone left the ring smiling and our dogs never new any different :)

*Thanks to Pat Daggett for bringing great courses and judging all weekend - and for making everyone feel welcome
*Thank you to NAE (Erin & Cory) for the equipment and trial sec. services - Lots goes on behind the scenes that is so important!
*Thanks to UC Fair & Gary Newkirk for making it possible for us to have a nice place to play with our dogs and a roof over our heads at dinner time
*Thanks to my girls - Marg, Kim, Shirley & Mary for just knowing & doing what needs to be done both days

    **Congrats to Penny Sencer and Bumpkin on NATCH 3
   ** Welcome to our new NADAC family members:  Ryan & Jethro, Heide & Meadow, Julie & Vader - I hope you'll join us for future trials
   ** Welcome back to Lauri & Zinger & Sevasty & Joy - we haven't seen them in a long time and we are happy they came out this weekend

Finally Congrats to all of you who earned titles, reached goals & got Qs (personal or offical) !! Well done!!

Thanks again to everyone!
Maureen, Kiva & Zoe
Kingston, NY

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