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2012 Championships and VT
« on: July 19, 2012, 04:46:35 PM »
Hi, group,
    As I type in the entries now, some things come to mind...... and some of that is about the 'second chance' entries.  I get many moved from the original 'second chance' pile into "entry" pile as people complete their requirements.
    For those new to Champs, we have a "second opening" for entries for those who didn't quite meet the qualifying requirements if the event hasn't completely filled.  We accept second chance entries up to the limit numbers of 300.
    We have had several people get that last Q or two via VT runs and it makes me ask...... why take a chance with being a 'second chance' entry??  Get together with your friends or your club and have one or two VT nights and see if you can't earn a Q or two via VT.   Some people are out of trials in their area and have no more trials they can enter.... but you could still have a VT session and maybe take some of the stress out of your lives by completing the eligibility requirements!!!
    As we now have hundreds of VT runs completed, it has shown that the program is totally legitimate and it is now easy and you don't earn a 'free' Q!!  You must display the same directional, distance and team skills that you need for the big weekend trials!
    Just a thought for some of those who are hitting high stress levels because they ended up short a couple qualifying rounds!!  Take a chance.... the worse that happens is that you still need the same number of Q's!!