Author Topic: Come to the Midsummer's Night Dream Trial in Reno, Nevada June 8-10, 2018  (Read 311 times)

Hello Runners!

We wanted to let you know that the premium is available for our Midsummer Night's Dream Trial, June 8th through June 10th at Ironwood Events Center, north of Reno.  You can find the premium at Ready2Run's website at  This will be a double run trial with swap option on Friday.

If you are in northern Nevada or northern California on the above dates, come join us!  We love to celebrate accomplishments great and small and want to celebrate with you.  Never been to our trials before, or are new to NADAC?  We always ask who is new, and we will be glad to help you navigate your way through our trials, or through a NADAC trial itself if you are new to NADAC, or even if you're not!  If you have trouble obtaining the premium, or have any questions at all about the trial, please contact the Trial Chair or Trial Secretary below.

We have a fun weekend planned with a potluck lunch on Saturday, a poker run (agility style) and a NQ raffle.  Don't miss out on all the fun!

Classes Offered:
Friday (3pm start) Jumpers, 2 Regular, Chances
Saturday (8am start) 2 Regular, 2 Touch n Go, 2 Chances, 2 Barrelers
Sunday (8am start) Tunnelers, Weavers, 2 Regular, 2 Jumpers

Looking forward to seeing you at the trial!

Sheila MacDonald
Trial Chairperson

Daniel Edwards
Trial Secretary
Sheila & the Shelties