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Star City Canine - Brags
« on: March 25, 2019, 11:56:15 AM »
What a change from a year ago when we had 4" of snow on the ground!!  special thanks to Ann Hogg, TS, Sandi Johnston, Hospitality, Sarah Fix, Chief Course Builder and Nick Sparks who brought some fun and challenging courses.  Addtional thanks to all the exhibitors and volunteers who alays make our trials run smoothly.  Many accomplishments, including the following:
Karma – Versatility NATCH 2
Dallas – Open Weavers Title
Reece Cup – 1st Q in Weavers
Whisper – 1st Q in Weavers
Piper – NATCH 15
Darci – Outstanding Novice Jumpers, Novice Regular Title
Fozzie – All Qs & 1st places
Blackfoot’s Curzon Dax II “Two” – Open Triple Superior, Open Superior Versatility, Open All Around
Finch – Listened to Mommy, 1st Agility Q – Intro Chances
Roy – Elite Superior Chances, Elite Superior Versatility, Elite Triple Superior
Cricket – 1st Chances Q
Darci – Perfect 8 for 8 Day, Novice Chances Title, Outstanding Novice Touch & Go Title
Dag – 1st Chances Q
Min – 1st Novice Regular and Touch & Go Qs
Fossie – Intro Chances Title, Intro Regular Title
Quinn – 1st place in Novice Barrelers
Two – 1st Elite Jumpers Q
Leia – 1st Novice Q
Luke - Novice Jumper Title
Ginger Lab – 1,000 Lifetime Points Award
Keaton – Triple, Triple Superior, Triple Superior Versatility
Dallas – Open Regular Title
Karma – All Around NATCH, Perfect Day
Darci – Open Tunnelers Title

Hope to see you all in September.
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