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Online Distance Series
« on: June 14, 2018, 04:08:55 AM »

I am excited to be offering a Distance Series through Bobbie Lyons Ccft Canine Campus. Enrollment for my Foundation for Distance is open now !! The class is jammed packed with my foundation exercises I perform with my dogs to create amazing distance skills! Inspire (my puppy) is the star of many videos so you can see how I train my dogs from the start! Please share !

Enroll here:

Every agility venue has a class that requires distance skills. Whether it is Fast, Gamblers Chances or Jackpot, you are required to work away from your dog. Additionally, being able to work away from your dog opens up many handling options for any agility class or venue. There are many elements to distance training and I have broken them down into specific classes to work specific skills. We start out with the foundation for distance class which is prerequisite for all distance classes. In this class, we go over foundation skills to teach distance! After this class, we have different classes to teach forward distance, lateral distance and layering, directionals at a distance, distance off of contacts and then put the skills together in a Distance Challenge Class. 

Class 1: Foundation for Distance 6 weeks Enroll June 18th

Enroll here:

Here is a list of the classes and their descriptions offered in the distance series:

Class 2: Driving Forward at Distance 4 weeks Enroll July 30 Start Aug 5

Class 3: Directionals at a Distance 4 weeks July 30 Start Aug 5

Class 4: Lateral and Layering at a Distance 4 week Enroll Aug 27 Start Sept 2

Class 5: Distance Off Contacts 4 weeks Enroll Aug 27 Start Sept 2

Class 6: Distance Challenges 4 weeks Enroll Sept 24 Start Oct 1
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