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GOAL Agility Trial July 2018
« on: July 02, 2018, 07:45:46 PM »
July 13-15 Trial Announcement:
The soccer dome is currently having some issues with the air conditioning. A trial this past weekend as well as one a couple of weeks ago experienced quite warm temperatures in both rings. They are hoping the situation to be resolved prior to our trial, as they are awaiting a part that is on order. If not, they will be providing two large fans to blow through the rings and will allow crating upstairs in the offices that have working air. But...there is the potential that it could be quite warm in the dome during our trial. If anyone feels that they should pull from the trial for the comfort and safety of themselves and their dogs, we understand completely. Please let us know and we will destroy your check payment. If you feel like you  want to work through it, we would love to have you attend! We just want to be up front with everyone, that this is a possibility and give you the option to attend or not. We apologize for this inconvenience.
Linda (Chezsmom)

John H. Gooldy

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Re: GOAL Agility Trial July 2018
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Please let us know if you have entries in already. We want you there but at the same time if you or your dogs don't handle heat please stay home as we don't want unhappy handlers at our trial. We are being up front about this as you are our customers and friends and if we take a loss we would rather do that than to upset our customers. Remember if you are at our trial you sent the entry and your the one that didn't pull your entry. Roger Coor is our judge and we are having a workshop with Roger on Friday. Working spots all full but you can come and audit for $25. Starts at 8 Friday morning.
John and Ida Gooldy
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