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The entry is here for the16th annual Columbia Cup, hosted by
the Columbia Agility Team at the Clark County Fairgrounds in Ridgefield,
WA. Entries open on July 23, 2012 (postmark date) and close on August
28, 2012 (or when trial fills which ever is earlier). This is a two ring trial, indoors,
on dirt. Our Judges will be Carol Bevan, from Calgary, Alberta and Roger
Coor, from Phoenix AZ. Entries are limited to 350 runs with jumps per
day, 500 runs total per day per judge.

SATURDAY: 2 runs Regular, 1 run each Chances, Jumpers, Touch-N-Go, Weavers
SUNDAY: 2 runs Regular, 1 run each Chances, Jumpers, Tunnelers, Weavers

The Columbia Cup Awards will be based on fewest faults and then fastest
yards per second for the combined results of the four (4) Regular runs.
1st thru 3rd place rosettes will be awarded in the following categories;
Novice Small & Novice Large
Open Small & Open Large
Elite Small & Elite Large

Small=dogs jumping 4,8&12
Large=dogs jumping 16 and up

Overall winners for Best in Trial Small Dog, Best in Trial Large Dog &
Best in Trial Veteran Dog will each receive a blue cup award and a $50
trial entry coupon.

The premium can be downloaded from the Columbia Agility Team's website at

Hope to see you in Ridgefield!

Tanya Sacks
Trial Chair
Tanya Sacks