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Daniel Edwards

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Hi Everyone!

I just completed designing a custom purple Champs magnet that I will be ordering and bringing to Champs.  It was a lot of work putting this together, and I hope some of you like it!  :)

It will be a 4" round magnet, and the cost will be $7.00 each.      See additional notes below in blue text...

If folks can indicate their interest on this thread, that would be great.  I'll need an idea of how many to order.  You can also email me directly at

The image should be attached to this post (I'm eager to find out what the feedback will be!)   :)   :)   :)

Additional notes:

As I'm getting closer to finalizing the details of this round, purple, Champs magnet, I have gotten some feedback from a bunch of folks recently about the initial proposed size of the magnet.  While a 4" diameter magnet might be a good size for your refrigerator, it can be a little small for a car (and I know many folks like to place their Champs magnets on their car or RV).  Based on this feedback, I'm going to change the size to a 5.5" diameter, which is significantly larger (the math geeks out there can tell you that's almost double the surface area!).  This larger size magnet will cost more to produce, but I was able to still keep the cost lower than similarly-sized magnets from year's past.  I created a little "visual aid" to give you a relative size reference, and I think most people would agree that the larger 5.5" diameter size is the way to go.  Thanks for the feedback everyone!   :)   :)   :)

          New Size:       5.5" diameter
          New Cost:       $9.00

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone at Champs!

Daniel Edwards  (and Milo)

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Linda W. Anderson

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One for me, please!
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Yvette Cook

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Me please!!!

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Me, please!

Kristen Gates


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I would like one too. Thanks
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Becky Wolfe

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I responded on the other thread,  but I would like one!
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Love the design!  I would like one please.

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David Tharle

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Iíll take one please.
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One for me please.

Rachelle Jensen
Rachelle Jensen


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I would like one please. I responded on the previous thread. Thank you, Carolyn Rothfusz

Karen McLeod

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I would like 1 please!  :)

Janet Barbitta

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Alexi and I want one!! :)

I would like one please.

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Lindsey Cooper

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Love the design!
I'll take one please. :)

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I want one :D
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