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Four Paws Rule, 8/25-26/2018
« on: August 31, 2018, 10:32:22 AM »
Thank you to competitors and volunteers at Four Paws Rule's Ring of Fire, August 25-26, 2018, in Otis Orchards, Washington, at the Jewett residence.  Four Paws-ers had been getting a little worried when entries seemed slow to arrive, but a flurry of day-of-trial entries resulted in our having a great group of people and dogs, and probably the most willing bunch of volunteers ever.  We loved seeing old friends and some new teams too.     

When we named this event years ago, we didn't actually expect to have any real fire or smoke.  This year, unfortunately, fires in the north and west sent smoky air into our region.  But we had a steady breeze, and conditions improved over the week-end.  Temperatures were mild.  Dogs were frisky!  Several of our canine friends had evidently been making a lot of progress since we last saw them.         

Our judge Roger Coor was kind and helpful, and very informative about the reasons for rules and rule changes.  Competitors enjoyed working with him.  Trial secretary Dorothy Bowers stayed on top of those day-of-trial entries and score-keeping too.  On Saturday afternoon, we had our usual barbecue, with Gordon Jewett's delicious hamburgers.  Karen Egbert filled our food truck with wonderful dishes throughout the event.  We had fun, and we hope everyone else did!

From our Brag Board: 
    Abbey & Karen Kellerman: Elite Superior Touch & Go title
    Jet & Donna Clark: Outstanding Open Regular title
    Molly & Karen Egbert: NATCH points in Tunnelers (earned at Belgrade)
    Tucker & Cynthia Christie: Open Weavers title, Outstanding Open Tunnelers title, and Outstanding Open Jumpers title

One last item: DID YOU EARN A TITLE AT OUR TRIAL, AND NOT GET A TITLE RIBBON?  We noticed as we were cleaning up on Sunday afternoon that we needed to restock the title ribbons.  If you earned one and didn't get it, please contact Terry Jewett at this email address: .

We hope to see you at our trial next June!

Carolynne Myall for Four Paws Rule NADAC agility group